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Ivey Wagner & Noah Weimer — Minted
Weekend Timeline
Please see the timeline page for an updated, detailed timeline for this weekends events!

Ivey Wagner


Noah Weimer

Wedding Party

Anna Grace Wagner

Maid of Honor

I guess she was "born into" the role so here we are!

Mackenzie Gagliardi

Co-Maid of Honor

If you've met Ivey's little sister, you know why this position is necessary - and if you've seen Ivey and Mackenzie together for even a second, you already know she's this person. Ivey's rock during the 4 years of college they lived together, she has many years of experience keeping Ivey's stuff in order, and there is no one better suited to be by her side on her special day

Anna Peak


Ivey's actual sister from another mister, and the big sister she always needed <3

Cora Geunes


Starbucks studies, love-island binges in bed, yoga sessions in Rhode Island, Ben and Jerries in the hotel room, frat party bathroom stalls - whether Ivey's looking to have some fun or someone to cry with after a failed prelim, she will always be able to turn to Cora

Madeline Avery (Aves)


Ivey's "festie bestie"--her partner in all things beer-pong, halloween costumes -- and all the phases of life ahead!

Roxy Nelson


Soon-to-be sister from another mister and the PERFECT addition to the sibling squad

Kjersti Anderson


Ivey and Kjersti lived together for 3/4 college years, not realizing that after graduating from Cornell, they would become true, life-long friends - thank you, Manhattan!

Sierra Stone


From dorm room pre-games to couch sleepovers during Ivey's job hunt in the big apple, she's always been there <3

Hayden Drury

Best Man

Mckinley (Mac) Larson

Best Man

Pearce Manson


Alex Warchol


Sandy Heisten


He was beside them the day they met, and he will be at their sides on their wedding wed them!

AJ Wagner

Ring Bearer

I mean c'mon....who else?!

Evelyn Weimer

Flower Girl/Child

Hadley Weimer

Flower Girl/Child

Riley Lynch


Ricky Baker


Hunter Shaneburger


Eric Roberts