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Ivey Wagner & Noah Weimer — Minted
Weekend Timeline
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Ivey Wagner


Noah Weimer

Ivey Wagner and Noah Weimer

Please join us for our weekend "Weddaroo" - a Bonnaroo inspired wedding celebration!

Where it All Began

Radiate Positivity

"Possibly the most well-known tenet of the Bonnaroovian Code, 'Radiate Positivity' might sound simple, but it's much more powerful than people realize. When we step foot on The Farm, we all do our best to be our best, and it makes all the difference. Be awesome to one another."

Both Ivey and Noah were embarking on their third consecutive years at Bonnaroo in June 2019, neither of them realizing that this festival weekend would be different than the two previous years--that, at the end of the weekend, they would have met their "forever person." The moment the two friend groups bumped into one another--Noah and Sandy stealthily grabbing Ivey and Olivia's attention, as the four of them lead their respective friend groups into the Centeroo for Friday night's concerts--they became inseparable, attending every concert together that weekend. Their shared love for music, embracing others and shared experiences, and acceptance for all of lifes curiosities--for "radiating positivity"--was the fast foundation for what would become a life-long friendship. And for Noah and Ivey, what began as a magnetic allure--a seemingly hopeless, summer romance, destined to die out upon their return to their separate homes in Michigan and New York--would, against all odds, develop into the relationship they had spent their entire lives yearning for up until that point.

After the two groups packed up their tents that Sunday and went their separate ways, Ivey and Noah kept in contact, knowing that their attempts to keep in touch were futile efforts to maintain the spark that had ignited between them, but neverthless eagerly looking forward to the moment each evening where they could sit on the phone with one another and talk about anything and everything. Eventually, months of late night phone calls and periodic text messages developed into "first trips," the two taking turns flying out to visit the other. A rather expensive relationship for the college student and newly graduated student, they had just begun to feel the added stress from the expenses and logistcal burdens placed on loved ones when the pandemic hit. Ivey packed a suitcase for what she thought would be a 2 week trip tops, looking to escape the mahem encapsulating the city of New York, and never returned to her Manhattan apartment (which she later paid her sister to pack up for her).

Ivey and Noah both admitted to one another later that they were somewhat nervous to see how their relationship would develop in "the real world"--outside of the love-filled Bonnaroo air, and when they were around eachother more than a couple of days at a time--and that they both could not deny how much stronger the relationship grew when they started doing life together. The months that they spent apart from one another have always made it easy for them to be grateful for the moments they share together now, and have served as a foundation for the lives that they have built and will continue to grow, together.

Thank you, Bonnaroo, for reminding us to do our best to be our best--to see the best in others, and whatever chaos life brings--and for bringing Ivey, Noah, and their families and friends "awesomeness" together. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.