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Ivey Wagner & Noah Weimer — Minted
Weekend Timeline
Please see the timeline page for an updated, detailed timeline for this weekends events!

Ivey Wagner


Noah Weimer

Some Bonnaroo Background

What is Bonnaroo?

Bonnaroo began in 2002 with community at the center of its ethos. Originally home to a star-studded cast of jam-bands, Bonnaroo has grown over the years to feature the world's top talent of all genres from Pop to Hip-Hop to Metal to Indie and more. The name, borrowed from Dr. John's 1974 album, is a Creole saying for "a really good time" - literally translated, "the best on the street"--that was and remains a massive understatement for your Bonnaroo experience!

Bonnaroo is known for hosting performers from diverse genres and both mainstream and lesser-known artists, featuring star performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Kanye West, Florence and the Machine, My Morning Jacket, and Chance the Rapper. Held each June on the 700-acre farm in Manchester, TN, the lineup features a diverse group of 150+ acts set on some of the most historic and iconic stages in the world, and music goes around the clock. Beyond its iconic lineups, Bonnaroo's ethos centers on positivity, simplicity, sustainbility, self-awareness, and respect.

The Bonnaroovian Code

Learn it. Remember it. Live by it. Nobody knows where the code began. Some say the tenets of the Bonnaroovian Code just appeared one day beneath the Arch, others say some funky party-aliens dropped it off during their last visit. Either way - we have it now and it might just be the most important thing for you to know about being at Bonnaroo.

Prepare Thyself

A prepared Bonnaroovian is a happy Bonnaroovian. Multiple days camping in the Tennessee countryside isn't something you should jump into without some planning. Plan ahead and you'll be off to a great start.

Play as a Team

Whether you're here with family or hanging with strangers, we are ALL on the same team at Bonnaroo. Help your neighbors when they need it, share that bottle of water when it's hot, and work together to make everyone's Bonnaroo experience the best it can be.

Radiate Positivity

Possibly the most well-known tenet of the Bonnaroovian Code, "Radiate Positivity" might sound simple, but it's much more powerful than people realize. When we step foot on The Farm, we all do our best to be our best, and it makes all the difference. Be awesome to one another.

Respect the Farm

The Farm is our home, and just like we work to protect our mother earth we all need to pitch in to respect The Farm. Recycle when you can, compost too, and make sure you and the people around you are respectful of the space. There are some events where people leave a field of trash after every set - Bonnaroo is not one of those events. Do your part to keep Bonnaroo special.

Don't be that Guy/Gal

We've all seen it, and it's not pretty. Have a great time while you're here, but make sure your idea of a great time never involves ruining someone else's night or putting yourself in danger. Take things slow, be respectful, and remember your fellow Bonnaroovians.

Stay True Roo

The Bonnaroovian code isn't just for 4 days a year in Tennessee – it's for all Bonnaroovians, everywhere and all the time. Bring the spirit of Bonnaroo with you out into the world and let's make life on this floating space-marble we call Earth just a little bit better for everyone.